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Education And Research Institute | Pakistan | TID: 11725158
1 Supply of lab equipments, miscellaneous workshop items - (welding electrode (3.2mm), acctylene gas, brass spelter, aluminum scrap, brass hakagonal bar, m.s flate 2 1/2x3/16", m.s round bar 1/2”, m.s round bar 1”, m.s round bar 5/8”, m.s round bar 11/2”, m.s round bar 21/2", m.s round 3/8” (polished), leather apren, m.s flate 1 1/4"x1/8”, hack saw blade d/e, lubricant (mobile oil 20/40), wood nander, cable p.v.c 3/29, file flate 12” (rectangular) rough, file half round 12" rough), digital camera submersible water pump motor, lab equipment for concrete laboratory, meterocure and electrocure equipment digital copier machine, computer assisted electromechanical training system and wireless sound system. | Due on 03-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | West Bengal | TID: 11775715
2 Intends to empanel / register suppliers for various items, Electrical Items & General Office Items, Electronic Items & Accessories (Stabilizer, T.V., energy meter etc.), Electrical Appliance (Switches, wire, bulbs, tubes etc.), Computers & Accessories (Desktop/Laptop/Printer/UPS etc.), Computer Stationery (Cartridge, Paper, Ribbon etc., Fire Fighting Equipments Consumables, Extinguishers (All Types), Drinking Water Cooler/Water Purifier etc., Computer Stationery, Photocopier, Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Furniture (Office), including Computer furniture and guest house furniture, Servicing/maintenance/work contract/ job work, Servicing of electronic items including Photocopiers, PA systems etc, Servicing of Computers & lab equipments, Transportation/hiring of vehicles (please submit the fleet of available vehicle with commercial registration and other documents in support as a service provider), Servicing of Machinery spares, AMC of computer and computer peripherals, AMC of water purifier/cooler, AMC of Photocopier Machines, AMC of Air Conditioner (Split & Window types), Fire Fighting Equipments Consumables, Extinguishers (All Types), Supply of Manpower- Highly Skilled, Semi Skilled, Skilled and also unskilled. (Please submit documents as per statutory requirements), Pest/Rodents control, General misc office items such as stationery, printing, maintenance of vertical blinds, glass papers, Maintenance of EPABX/Intercom, Publication of press advertisement (on All India Basis) at DAVP Rate., Supply of Laboratory Equipments/Instruments, Weather Monitoring Instruments, Laboratory Instruments and Equipments, Farm Implements (Tractors/Power tiller /Trolley/ Jungle Jim, Gardening/ Pre & Post harvesting equipment etc.) | Due on 13-Oct-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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