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Education And Research Institute | Punjab | TID: 14605448
1 Value: INR 7.05 Million approx. / 70.55 Lakh | Provisioning of B&R/E&M Repair/maintenance of works of school/Hostel/staff quarters, Roads, Boundary wall and swimming Pool, Installation of Piquets and Barbed wire, fixing of 2 concertina Wire, Construction of Guard room, Approach road, Parking, Boundary wall and shed for tod fod jod workshop in school campus.
Purchase of Computers /Accessories and LCD Projectors, 24x Solar Batteries2V 650ah.
Making of Smart class rooms.
Purchase of Transformer 11KV/440V3 Ph, 1000KVA.
Furnishing of Auditorium /Office and Extension of Library, Installation of CCTV's in school.
Purchase /Installation of Desert Air coolers for Hostel.
Elect. Plumbing/sanitary, Carpentry and paint items Chemical/Hygiene and swimming pool item etc.
Office /exam stationery/Printing of ans sheets /stationery items, sports equipment/items, Science lab equipments/items/chemicals etc.
 | Due on 03-Aug-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Other Metal Products | Delhi | TID: 14018211
2 Auction Sale of Unserviceable/condemned lab equipments, eddy dynodriver, centrifugal pump, automatic voltage , stablizer 3 kva, moving iron ammeter, micro voltmeter, mill voltmeter, rheostat double, roga volt variack, rheostat double, watt meter, watt meter, ammeter, ammeter, ammeter, volt meter, volt meter, stablizer power supply, mill ammeter, resistance box 3 dial, resistance box 3 dial, transformer, dc power supply, digital multi meter, single channel and , strip chart recorder, anemometer, anemometer, tool cutting dynometer, (with accessories), ring dynometer with , dial gauge, drill dynometer, micro voltmeter, micro voltmeter, drill dynometer, two component lathe , tool dynometer, machine tool monitor, dc micro voltmeter, watt meter (1 mp , electrodynamic double, element wattmeter), out side micrometer, out side micrometer, screw driver 8", screw driver 10", try square, vernier hight gauge, strain gauge amplifier , & juction box, pad locks, servo scope type, ee57(toshniwall), oscilloscope , (mfg no. 12641), complete unit of plastic, moulding machine 20z, honing machine socket, furnace body, grinding tool dynometer & digital multicomponent , force inductor, electrical motor, electrical motor, electrical motor, electrical motor, induction motor, induction motor, induction motor, aue motor, calliper spring type, divider, plier dia cutting, wench d e, stand vice portable , wench 6", wench d e, micrometer, sprit level, scale steel, try squre, wench adjustable, chain pulley block, screw jack lifting m/c, water tank, camera support hange, agile photocoping printer, agile paper cutter, 2" mirror, ascoable refractrometer, bench vice, steel surface plate, vernier calliper, combination set, dust collector, paper cutter, photographic enlarger, room heater, moir fringe bench, drilling m/c, dial guage, megnatic stand, techometer, hand electric m/c, bench grinder, dynamic balancing machine abro make, model no. hioa-15, test rotor for fie dynamic balancing machine, model of worm and worm wheel, model of roman steel yard, model of walt governer , pulley ball bearing metallic, pulley differential, ring chain of cylinder, time maker , three wire frame , weight box, weight box 1mg to 500gm, weight box 1 mg to 200 gm, micro meter 0-4” out side, micro meter 0-1” out side, micro meterout side, micro meter out side, micro meter out side, micro meter out side, micro meter out side, micro meter various size, vernier sliding calipers 6”, pitch micrometer, vernier sliding 5”, vernier sliding, external caliper 3”, internal caliper + external caliper, link polygon apparatus, depth gauge, feller gauge, radius gauge , deflection of beam apparatus , crank and connecting rod, pulley block single , pulley block double , pulley block triple , single jib crane, fiber pulley single, fiber triple pulley with frame, fiber double pulley, c. g apparatus , parallel forces apparatus complete , geared jib crane, screw jack, out side spring caliper 8” , inside spring caliper 4”, ambler compensating plain meter 1 to 44, spirit level, clamping pulley 2”, a compound level apparatus, pliers , spanner set 5 pieces), hammer, harmonic motion apparatus(simple) , compound lever (all material mounted on, wooden base complete with spring balance , and a set of slotted weight), deflection of beam apparatus (two knife edge, supports for beam hanger with knife edge pointer, scale pan ,minor glen side on separate stand on , wooden rod and one , steeled rod ), screw jack efficiency apparatus , set brass slotted, epicycloidal glean model, moment disc apparatus, hand drill machine , hexa frame, sliding crank model, angular motion apparatus, meta centric ht apparatus , worm & worm wheel double start, Compound wheel & axle, energy of the fly wheel, inclined planes & friction slide, worm & worm wheel single start, worm & worm wheel triple start, joint roof truson wheel, combined screw & worm wheel jack, parallel force apparatus , low of moments apparatus , spring & compound & tension apparatus, coil friction apparatus, winch crab double, worm geared screw jack, structural machine apparatus, metal clitting saw, ball cram kleve , scale pane 4” die, timer, stop watch, hammer ball peen, plier, speaker steele scope, metallurgical mounting press, hack saw frame, three disc publishing machine, potable blower, radiation pyrometer, binocular metallurgical microscope, heat treatment furnace, stop watch, plair (6”), metallic tap(30 m.), lathe machine, old staff car no. 2025 ambassadorthe old , vehicle was brought from kashmiri gate and, installed in i c engine lab since dec 2007 for, instructional purposes , flat file 250 mm, half round file 150 mm, round file 300 mm, square file 300 mm, file card , flat file 300 mm, flat file 200 mm, half round file 300 mm, half round file 200 mm, half round file 250 mm, round file 250 mm, round file 200 mm, square file 250 mm, square file 200 mm, square file 150 mm, hand tap 6 mm, hand tap 5 mm, hss drill... Show More | Due on 04-Jun-2015  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Bihar | TID: 13059610
3 Procurement of Various Lab Equipments-To determine the speed of sound in a resonance, colunm with audio receiver and PC, connectivity (C.S.), To compare speed of sound in different gases (air and CO2) with helf of standing waves, a speaker driven resonance column (C.S.),Study of laws of transverve vibrations using sonometer (C.S.), Study of coupled oscillators with detector and PC interfacing (C.S.), Measurement of specific heat of solids (C.S.), Study of Heat Conduction in solids (Lee's disc method) (C.S.), Study of linear expansion of solids (C.S.), Study of thermoelectric emf of a thermocouple and determination of inversion, temperature (C.S.), Study of Newton's law of colling and estimation of latent heat (C.S.), Function/ Arbitrary waveform Generator Channel 2 Channels, Digital Storage oscilloscope (DSO) Channel 2, Bandwidth 70 MHz, Sample Rate 1 Gsa/s, Resolution 8 bits, Memory depths 16 kpts, Input coupling AC, DC and Ground Inbuilt basis math manu, vertical sensitivity, waveform filter, waveform update, power 100-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz+/- 10%, Autoscale, standard USB 2.0 connectivity with USB cable and standard accessories, Automatic measurements, simultaneous viewing of main and zoomed waveforms, software for PC control, inbuilt basic math with FFT, color LCD/WVGA display, student education lab guide, built in help menus, save and recall facility, 2 BNC cables for connection between function generator and DSO, Standard SAfety and environmental compliance, Handheld Digital Multimeter (DMM), 40w Temp Controlled Soldering Station.  | Due on 20-Feb-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 14102223
4 Supply of Science Lab Equipments, Sports Items, Maths Lab Equipments, Junior Science Lab Materials, Electric Sub Meter & Cable.
Annual Maintenance Contract of Computer, Photocopy Machine, Generator, Water Cooler & RO.
Hair Cutting works.
Laundry & Press Service. (Scanned Image - Hindi Tender)
 | Due on 13-Jun-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Pakistan | TID: 14929770
5 Purchase Of Lab Equipments - AVCHD Camcorder, Tripod, Dolly, HDVCAM Recorder, A/V Digital Mixer, 4x1 (55W) Studio cool Light with C-Clamp, Cordless Coller Microphone, Video Cable for Video (200 Meter), Audio Cable (200 Meter), Audio Mixer, 15” LCD Monitor With SDI Card, Speakers, UPS 3KVA, Local Light 1000W Open Face, Auto Jib, Auto-script Teleprompter.  | Due on 27-Aug-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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