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Education And Research Institute | Bihar | TID: 13059610
1 Procurement of Various Lab Equipments-To determine the speed of sound in a resonance, colunm with audio receiver and PC, connectivity (C.S.), To compare speed of sound in different gases (air and CO2) with helf of standing waves, a speaker driven resonance column (C.S.),Study of laws of transverve vibrations using sonometer (C.S.), Study of coupled oscillators with detector and PC interfacing (C.S.), Measurement of specific heat of solids (C.S.), Study of Heat Conduction in solids (Lee's disc method) (C.S.), Study of linear expansion of solids (C.S.), Study of thermoelectric emf of a thermocouple and determination of inversion, temperature (C.S.), Study of Newton's law of colling and estimation of latent heat (C.S.), Function/ Arbitrary waveform Generator Channel 2 Channels, Digital Storage oscilloscope (DSO) Channel 2, Bandwidth 70 MHz, Sample Rate 1 Gsa/s, Resolution 8 bits, Memory depths 16 kpts, Input coupling AC, DC and Ground Inbuilt basis math manu, vertical sensitivity, waveform filter, waveform update, power 100-240 Volt, 50/60 Hz+/- 10%, Autoscale, standard USB 2.0 connectivity with USB cable and standard accessories, Automatic measurements, simultaneous viewing of main and zoomed waveforms, software for PC control, inbuilt basic math with FFT, color LCD/WVGA display, student education lab guide, built in help menus, save and recall facility, 2 BNC cables for connection between function generator and DSO, Standard SAfety and environmental compliance, Handheld Digital Multimeter (DMM), 40w Temp Controlled Soldering Station. | Due on 20-Feb-2015  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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