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Education And Research Institute | Tamil Nadu | TID: 9711812
1 Value: INR 5 Million | Supply and Installation of Electronics and communication lab equipments - VLSI Design Laboratory Equipment, Simulator and synthesizer tool with down loader FPGA board such as Quartus or equivalent (VHDL/Verilog), Cyclone II FPGA Board or equivalent, Digital I/O Card with necessary interfacing cables, Logic Analyzer (Phase II) (VLSI Lab) for constituent colleges of Anna University (University Colleges), Anna University. | Due on 03-Jan-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Tamil Nadu | TID: 9716640
2 Value: INR 5 Million | Supply, installation of the electronics & Communication lab equipments for constituency VLSI Design Laboratory Equipments-Simulator & synthesizer tool with down loader to FPGA Board such as Quartus of equivalent, Cyclone II FPGA Board or Equivalent, Digital I/O Card with Necessary interfacing cables, Logic Analyzer.
Supply of Microprocessor & Microcontroller laboratory Equipments & Digital Signal Processing laboratory equipments-8051 Based Microcontroller trainer, Experimental cards for the above Microcontroller/ Microprocessor trainees- Keyboard Interface card, Switches, LEds & relays interface card, 7 segment Display interface card, Stepper Motor Interface card with sleeper motor, 8251 interface card, ADC & DAC interface card, DC motor interface card, traffic Light Interface card, Fixed point DSP starter kit, Advanced DSP Kit, Advance DSP starter kit.
| Due on 03-Jan-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Tripura | TID: 9990458
3 Value: INR 3.33 Million (approx.) | Purchase of Lab equipments of Mechanical Dept under Modrobs pool boiling setup, boiling vessel, condensers, heating system, separator, surge tank, compressor, vacuum, thermocouple, digital pressure gauge, data acquisition card with monitoring software, high speed camera, thermocouple calibrator, thermocouple wire, experimental set up, heat transfer service unit, computer, UPS, laser printer, abacus software etc. | Due on 24-Feb-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Water Storage and Supply | Sri Lanka | TID: 9677437
4 Sale of Redundant & Obsolete Items, PVC Scrap Pipes & Finings, AC Pipes & Collars, Steel, CI Pipes, CI/GI Finings & Valves, Office Equipments, Computers, Printers, UPSs & Faxes, Roof Tile, Timber, Wooden & Steel Furniture, Stationeries, Defective Domestic/ Bulk Water Meters, Used Copper Wire & Brass Items, Waste Scrap & Foot Bicycles & Bitumen, Tyre & Tube, Vehicle Batteries, Rubber Items & Hoses, Electrical Equipments, Tools & Equipments, GPS & Measuring Wheel, Pumps, Motors, Generators & Panel Boards, Mechanical & Electrical Spare Parts, Plastic Components of the Water Meters & Plastic Tanks, Tapping Machine, Rammer, Breaker, Lab Equipments & Glassware. | Due on 02-Jan-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Non Classified | Maharashtra | TID: 10204811
5 Supply of Transformer {4ookva), VAC pump (kmv300), Pneumatics (compressor), Steam pipeline, Lab. Equipments, Work shop machinery, Grinding hand grander, Pillurt1pe drill welding & Tools, Gum cooker (1.5), Rosan cooker (1.5), Refiner (tdr-17), Fan pump, ETP machinery, Bore well (<0"), Pipe lines (200 mtr.), Boiler (2 ton capacity), Boiler (accessories), Cable, Felt & wires, Chimney (103feet), Softener, Condondon set tank & pump, Panels (PCC), Panels (MCC), Over head crane trolley, Conveyor belt, Compressor (10 h p), Motor (various hp), HP pumps, D P (G.E.B.), Various pumps, Accessary, Pipe line (600 metre), Pulp pumps. | Due on 08-Mar-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Kerala | TID: 10251225
6 Supply and installation of consumables for government analyst lab (food safety) acids and solvents, chemicals, CRM, glass wares, power laundry, lab equipments – hematology analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, ESR analyzer, ophthalmology equipments – YAG laser, applanation tonometer, autorefractometer, diode laser, flash autoclave, retinal camera, indirect ophthalmoscope, keratometer, noncontract tonomter, operating microscope ophthal, OCT, OT cable opthal, phacomachine, slit lamp, bipolar cautery, anaesthesia and general surgery equipments anesthesia workstation, fumigation, dispensor, mobile spot light, multiparameter monitor, OT table, electrohydrualic, electric, orthopaedic manual hydraulic, OT light ceiling mount double dome, single dome, led OT light mobile single dome, pulse oximeter & haemodialyis machine. | Due on 22-Mar-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Haryana | TID: 10336597
7 Purchase of Managed Switch, Switch Rack, Jack Panel, Patch Cord etc Lab. Equipments, Rate contract of Refilling of Toner Cartridge of Printers & Photocopier Machines and Reconditioning of Cartridges & Drum of all types of Printers & Photocopier Machines, Networking in Boys & Girls Hostels, Mass Spectrophotometer with HPLC and Detector, Lab. Equipment, Furniture for Hostels, Documentary film on our University/Savera Initiative. in bracket required for following Department in this University -
A. Computer Science & Engineering Department & CIL- Managed Switch Model 2960 Cisco (4 Nos.), Managed Switch Extreme with 21 G Point (01 No.), Switch Rack 12 U with accessories (2 Nos.), Switch Rack 9U with accessories (01 No.), Jack Panel Cat 6 (5 Nos.), Patch Cord 2 Mtrs. (184 Nos.), Patch Cord 1 Mtr. (24 Nos.)
B. Civil Engineering Department - Concrete Mixer (01 No.), Ve-Be Time Test Apparatus (01 No.), Survey Station (06 Nos.), Theodolite (05 Nos.)
C. Purchase Branch Rate Contract of Refilling of Toner Cartridge of all types of Printers & all photocopier Machines and Reconditioning of Cartridges and Drum of all types of Printers & all types of Photocopier Machines.
D. University Computer Centre Networking - 24 10/1001000 Based-T Ports PoE+2 combo (3 Nos.), 1
G. Modules (OFC) 1000 based - LX SFP (4 Nos.), Wireless dual radio, (35 Nos.), Cat VI, Patch Cord 3 ft (70 Nos.), 9 U wall mount rack with accessories (3 Nos.), Cat VI- UTP Jack Panel (3 Nos.), Cat VI I/O with SMB (40 Nos.), 6 Core SM outdoor Armored OFC (500 Mtr), 12 Port LIU (loaded) racl amount (4 Nos.), Single Mode Patch Cord OFC (4 Nos.), UPS 1 KVA Online with one Hrs Backup (web) (3 Nos.), HDPE 40/33mm Pipe (500 Mtr), Cat VI Cable (10 Box), PVC conduit pipe I” & 1.5” ISI (1500 mtr.), Laying / Digging/Fixing/Installation & other miscellaneous work.
E. Chemistry Department - Mass Spectrophotometer with HPLC and Detector - 01 No.
F. Bio-Technology Department - pH Meter (4 Nos.), Electronic Balance (2 Nos.), Water Bath Serological (4 Nos.), Hot Plate (6 Nos.), Universal Oven Hot Air (2 Nos.), Laminar Flow Cabinet (2 Nos.), Autoclave 50 L (NSW/Remi/Mac/Thermo) (2 - Nos.), BOD Incubators (2 Nos.), Variable Micropipettes (Gilson/Nichyro/Tarson) (6 sets), Vortex/Cyclo Mixers (2 Nos.). Magnetic Stirrer (Remi/Tarson) (2 Nos.), Centrifuge 20000 rpm (Remi) (2 Nos.); Dough Kneader or Planetary Cake Mixer (1 No.), Electric Baking Oven (1 No.), High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge (Table top) (1 No.), Colloidal Mill (1 No.), Canning Retort (1 No.), Can Sealing Machine (1 No.), Exhaust Box(1 No.), Steam Jacketed Kettle (1 No.), Homogenizer(1 No.), Orbital Shaker - Remi/Mac (1 No.), Digital Microscopes (2 Nos.)
G. Bio-Technology Department- Gas Chromatogram (01 No.), UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (01 No.), Refrigerated micro Centrifuge (01 No.), Hybridization Oven (01 No.), Deep Freezer (-80) - imported (01 No.)
H. Furniture for Girls Hostels - Dining Tables (20 Nos.), Dining Chairs (16 Nos.), Study Table (for study hall) (6 Nos.), Study Chair (for study Hall) (43 Nos.), Sofa Set (03 Nos.), Central Table (02 Nos.), Showcase box for Music System (01 No.)
I. Documentary film on our University/Savera Initiative - 500 CDs.
J. Electrical Engineering - Speed control of single phase, Induction motor using single phase cycloconverter -01 No., Speed control of single phase induction motor using inverter fed single phase Induction Motor drive with 1/2 hp motor with loading arrangement - 01 No., Speed control of DC shunt motor using SCR Dual converter with 0.5 hp motor - 01 No., BJT, IGBT, MOSFET - Characteristics Trainer 01 No., Single phase PWM Inverter control module - 01 No., Three phase IGBT Power Module - 01 No., IGBT Based four Quadrant chopper - 01 No., Single phase input IGBT based Three phase Inverter with 1 hp three phase induction motor - 01 No., Speed control of single phase Induction Motor (V/F control) using IGBT Inverter with 1 hp motor setup - 01 No., Speed control and Electronic breaking of DC shunt Motor - 01 No., Electrical Breaking of three phase Induction Motor - 01 No., MOSFET Based Buck Boost Converter, IC based PWM generator, all are mounted on wooden box, input 230 v, 115 v DC for power circuit - 01 No., Basic Series Inverter Trainer kit - 01 No.
| Due on 31-Mar-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Kerala | TID: 10450767
8 Supply of Computer (ACER i3), Laptop i3 with Window 8, Multimedia Projector (EPSON EB02), Digital Display Board (MD46B) & Acrylic Podium, Mathematics Lab Equipments, Micro Teaching Lab Equipments, APC 6KV UPS + SMF Exide NXT 65 AH battery Including Rack & Interlinking Cables. | Due on 05-Apr-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Maharashtra | TID: 10458616
9 Auction Sale Moveable/ Immoveable Property-M.S. Spirit Storage Tanks with Spirit transfer, Bending S.S. Tanks, Filter with S.S. pumps, Spirit Uploading Pump, material transfer pump, Filtration System, Line no. 1 240 BPM Fully Automatic Bottling line, 48 head Filler Rotary Type, 10 head Rotary sealer, 10 Head Rotary labeler with front & back labeling, Inspection Hood, packing belt conveyor, Carton Sealer, grip matic Bottle, Rinser with 48 Heads auto Loading & unloading, SS-3004 chute for conveying C.C. Boxes on line, 3 LK holding tank 3 nos SS-304 mfs SS-304 with steel Structure, Line -2-120 BPM Semi automatic Bottling line, Manual Filler 6 head, ROPP cap sealing machine, Inspection hood, hand Gumming machine, packing Belt Conveyor, Rotary Bottle Rinser 96 Packets, Tunnel type rinser, SS-3004 chute for conveying C.C. boxes on line line suitable for all sizes bottle 1000 ml. to 90 ml, Auto Labeling M/C Flatomatic type, Rotary Bottle Rinser M/c, Line-3-Mannual Bottling line. 20 head Rotary filler with change parts , ROPR cap sealing machine, Inspection hood, Auto Labeling machine flatomatic type packing belt conveyor, Rotary type Bottle Rinsing machine-96, SS-3004 chute for conveying C.C. boxes on line, D.M. plant & Plant-Mixed bed type cation, Anion & Degesser, RO+plant 1 KL per hour, Sand Filtration system -10 KL per month for raw water, MOC-SS 304-10 KL each 2 nos, D.M water transfer Pumps, RO+Water storage tank HDPE, 10 HP Reciprocating type air compressor, RPM 1440, storage -200 liter, Transformer, Electrification, cabling, Paneling, four pole structure with room etc, Box chute for lines & drip tray, Fire Fitting Equipment, 5 HP Oil Cooled type Vacuum pump, Old Sealing machine, 2 S.s. Pipe line With S.S valve for Spirit, Bend & D.M. water, 2 C class M.S. pipe line for water with S.S. valve, Lab Equipments, maintenance Equipments-Drill machine, grinder Welding machine & other Equipments, Submercile water pumps for under ground water tank, Gat no. 1631, Land & Building, Furniture-Table, Chairs, Air Conditioner, Computer, Printer, Fan. | Due on 29-Mar-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Education And Research Institute | Goa | TID: 10670927
10 Supply of Items - Rice ( steam) hmt, 1. Jodhanandi, 2 . Namaste india, 3 .paree tukdha sona masuri, 4 king fisher, 5. Other brand ( with name ), rice ( regular) hmt, 1 .krishn rath, 2. Other brand, rice basmati, 1.daawat, 2. Kohinoor rice, 3.others ( with name ), toor dal ( good quality ), moong dal, 1 mayur, 2 jodhapuree, moong dal chilka, moong sabut, urid dal, chana dal( harabhara dal), 1 rajbadhi, 2 pistoor, akha masoor, black chana, soyabean akha, kabuli chana, green peas, cow peas, atta ( wheat), 1 atta ashirwad, 2 atta shakti bhog, 3 atta jodhanadi, 4 atta pillsbury, 5 atta annapurna, 6 . Other ( with name), maida, name of items, groundnut oil, 1 gemini oil, 2 star oil, 3 fortune oil, 4 . Other ( with name), cottonseed oil, 1 gemini oil, 2 star oil, 3 . Other ( with name ), palmolein oil, 1 ruchi gold, 2 other ( with name), vanaspati dalda, 1 dalda, 2 gemini, 3fortune, 4 other ( with name), idli rava, kesari rava, weight rava, 1 double gun, 2 double talwar, besan (gram flour ), 1 heera, 2 samrat, 3 other ( with name), sugar good quality, sugar m 30, jiggery, ground nut, 1 fule pragati, 2 ghugharu, 3 gujarat, sago rice ( sabudana), 1 moonlight, 2 mother india, poha good quality, 1 bhadhas, 2 kaka ji, 3 kela, 4 shaktiman, 5 other ( with name), chirmure, Name of items , salt , 1captain cook , 2 tata , 3 annapurna salt , soybean ball , 1 nutrela , 2 other ( with name) , coffee , 1 nescafe , 2 bru coffee , tea powder , 1 tata tea gold , 2 red label tea , 3 bag bakri tea , dates ( khajoor) , turmeric powder(agmark ) , sesame seed ( til weight) , black pepper , bay leaf (tej patta) , munakka , green cardamom , black cardamom , charoli (chironji ) , almond (badam) , pomegranate seed , cumin seeds , mustard seeds , cloves , coriander powder , asafoetida ( hing) powder , 1 laxmi , 2 , 3 , cinnamon (dalchini ) , carom/thymol seed (ajwain) , fenugreek seed (methi seeds ) , cooking soda , citric acid , garam masala , 1surya , chandelkar , custared powder , 1 brown polson , 2 floric , 3 other ( with name) , tamarind , red chil ( bedhgee mirch ) , 1 sabut , 2 powder , red chili powder (agmark) , mango pickle / mix pickle , 1 charminar , 2 kubal , 3 relish , 4 sradha , lemon pickle , 1 praveen , 2 toofan , 3 relish , papad , lijjat , suhana , disko papad , sambhar masala , pulav masala , , bhel masala , , pav bhajee masala , m t r , chat masala , chola masala, , , black pepper powder, chicken m asala, kasuri methi, , kaju, 1 one peace, 2 four peace, 3 eight peace, kishmis, vermicelli ( sevai), 1 bambino, 2 m t r, 3 other ( with namae), tomato sauce, 1 kissan tomato sauce, 2 maggi tomato sauce, 3 indianna, maggi tomato ketchup, soya sauce, 1 kissan, 2 maggi, 3 other ( with name), chilli sauce, vinegar supar, gulabjamun mix, 1 gitas, 2 goverdhan, rajma, 1 padhra, 2 kala, walnut, kissan mixed fruit jam, pista, four seeds( watermelon , melon seeds), boss food colour, 1 bournvita, 2 boost health drink, 3 horlicks, biscuit glucose, 1 mari gold, 2 mari light, 3 sunfeast, cream biscuit, 1 sunfeast, 2 parle, 3 britannia, namkeen biscuit, 1 krackjack, 2 parle, 3 britannia 50/ 50, 4 monaco, kokam sharbat, amla sharbat, orange sherbet, rasna sharbat, semolina, masoor dal, rosted chana dal ( futani dal), coriander seeds, vanilla essence, khaskha, javirti, dagarful, javitri, jaifal, veg magi cubs, non veg magi cubs, kashmiri mirch, good day biscuit, namkeen, paper plates, plastic glass, parsal box, tea paper glass, wheel washing powder, scotch brite, salted kaju, coconut big size, vegetables items -- , onion (per kg.), potato (per kg.), cabbage (per kg.), brinjal (per kg.), beans (per kg.), lady finger (per kg.), tomato (per kg.), bottle guard (per kg.), beet root (per kg.), carrot (per kg.), green chilies (per kg.), tendali (per kg.), cauliflower (per kg.), radish (per kg.), pumpkin (per kg.), red pumpkin (per kg.), b- guard ( dodki) (per kg.), nab/ navalcol (per kg.), cucumber (per kg.), capcium ( shimla mirc) (per, kg.), ginger (per kg.), garlic (per kg.), palak (per kg.), methi (per kg.), red vegetable (per kg.), green coriander (per kg.), lemon (per no.), chitaki (per kg.), curry patta (per kg.), coconut (per no.), drum sticks ( per kg), fruits items --, banana green big size, banana yellow big size, apple, pineapple, orange, grapes green, grapes black, chiku, water melon, papaya, any other seasonal fruits, non –veg. Items -- , chicken- (live) kg, chicken (dressed) kg, fish- 1. Bangada/ mackerel- big, size - kg, fish – 1. Bangada/ mackerel- small, size - kg, fish- 1. Bangada/ mackerel-, medium size - kg, fish- 1. Tarle/sardine kg, fish- 1. Peddi kg, egg- standard size(per 100 nos), pam plate, king fish, prawn, milk and milk products --, milk - per ltr., ghee deshi – kg, gulab jamun - kg, pedha - kg, burfee – kg, pedda sada – kg, jalebee – kg, mava – kg, fresh paneer kg, packet paneer kg, amul panner kg, malai pedda kg, curd kg, kesar padha kg, kaju burfee, rasgulla kg, motichoor laddu kg, besan laddu kg, gujya kg, sev ba | Due on 28-May-2014  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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